2011-10-05 Wed “On Location” — Fall Colors in the Gunnison National Forest

Here we are once again — “On Loca­tion” in the pic­turesque Gun­ni­son National For­est near Crested Butte, Col­orado, for more fall colors .

When we started out early this morn­ing, last night’s fresh new snow cov­er­ing the sur­round­ing peaks greeted us. We were hop­ing to get a nice sun­rise image at Crested Butte, but the low lying clouds blocked out the sun, so no sun­rise shots today. Although it remained cloudy all day, the sun, on occa­sion, would poke its way through some of the low hang­ing clouds. When it did, it would present us a brief show of light and shadow over the land­scape. Such was the case as we were dri­ving down Gothic Road near Mt. Crested Butte.

The sun hap­pened to find a few holes just as we were pass­ing a group of red orange Aspens with another group of golden Aspens behind. In the back­drop were snow capped peaks with the first snow of the sea­son. The wind was brisk, and was mov­ing the clouds, which gave the effect of the sun whisk­ing across the land­scape and push­ing the shadow before it. We stopped, set up our gear  hur­riedly, and luck­ily grabbed the shot.

You will see some of these images on our web­site before the end of the year. Visit us at www.AspenColors.com.

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